Apple II Computer injection moulded clear case it’s Kickstarter

If you are lucky enough to own an Apple IIe or IIgs personal computer or have built your own using one of the variety of kits available. You may be interested in a new range of injection moulded clear cases specifically designed for the Apple II Computer. Launched via Kickstarter cases are available from $250 or £193 and provide case lid and badge kit for your Apple computer.

“Apple II computers are the most symbolic personal computer. They are also most iconic computer Apple created because it was the first computer created by co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1977. Collectors all around the world are seeking to purchase these machines because of growing nostalgia for a simpler era of computing. “

“Our custom case will make your Apple II stunningly unique, yet still recognizable by its classic shape. You will have the ability to peer inside the system at its beautifully engineered internal components. This will instantly revitalize your computer and will allow it to serve as an amazing display that is sure to be a conversation starter in any environment.”

“We hope our cases can excite both an older generation and a younger generation by allowing users to see the inner-workings of the computer as well LEDs of upgrade cards. This can prove to be a very useful tool for explaining how basic computers work when coupled with memory cards that have read and write LEDs.”

Source : Kickstarter

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