Modder plays Dark Souls 3 using Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure controller

Modders and Dark Souls 3 fans Looking for something to keep them busy over the next few weeks during lockdown may be interested in this unique use of the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure controller. Modder and Twitch streamer SuperLouis64 has modified the controller to control his character within Dark Souls 3, providing an entertaining way to not only enjoy the game but also keep fit at the same time.

“Key Dark Souls 3 control elements have been remapped to considerably more energetic equivalents on the ring controller: movement is now only possible while running on the spot (the mod even checks to make sure your knees are sufficiently high and you’re not cheating), squeezing the ring performs an attack, and squatting downward chugs back an Estus Flask” explains the Eurogamer website.

Check out the gameplay of Dark Souls 3 being played using Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure via the SuperLouis64 Twitch channel via the link below.

Source : TwitchEurogamer

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