Opera R2020 Workspaces keep your browsing tidy and tabs organized

Opera has released a new version of its web browser this week in the form of R2020 or Opera 67 introducing a number of new features, tweaks and enhancements to help improve your web browsing experience. One of the new features introduced in the latest release is Workspaces is a new tool which lets you organise your browser window tabs according to the different life contexts you use them for. At the current time you can add up to 5 workspaces, name them, and designate their icons, watch the demonstration video below to learn more.

“At Opera, we like to start each year with a Reborn release of our browser. The Reborn series allows us to keep challenging ourselves to do better. In Reborn 1, we introduced messengers in the sidebar, gave our browser more personality with dark and light themes, and implemented countless design updates. All of this was on top of our free, unlimited built-in browser VPN and ad blocker.

As part of the Reborn 2 premiere, we showcased My Flow, a new way of seamlessly connecting your browser to Opera Touch, our award-winning mobile browser. Reborn 3 was all about Web 3: Opera became the first browser to support Web 3 and include a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. It also included a faster VPN. All these releases and updates to our browser have put us way ahead of our competition when it comes to both features and reliability.

With today’s release we’ve modified the name to reflect the year of the release. R2020 will be a series of releases throughout the year with a focus on quality-of-life improvements. In the first release of the R2020 cycle we have improved one of the most used and important parts of the web browser – tabs. “

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