Planet Computers Cosmo mini PC smartphone now boots Android and Linux

Planet Computers has released a new update to its Cosmo mini PC smartphone providing the ability for users to boot both Android and now Linux on the Cosmo. The ability to boot Linux on the Cosmo Communicator is thanks to the open source community that provided an initial version of Linux for Cosmo Communicator.

“The first step to install Linux on your Cosmo is to make sure you are running the latest Android firmware, currently v19. You can check the Android version by tapping Settings -> System -> Advanced -> About Phone and scrolling to the end of the page. Next you will have to download the Linux firmware, which will need to be installed into the microSD card on your Cosmo. Insert a microSD card on your Cosmo and make sure it is formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32).”

“Next, you will have to boot into recovery mode. To do that, simply turn ON your Cosmo while keeping pressed the volume up button on the outside cover. The volume up button is the one on the fingerprint sensor, which points UP when the unit is open. The unit should boot into recovery mode and you should be able to see the Android logo, but nothing else. The main requirement when installing Linux is to reserve space for it. In order to do this you will have to re-partition your device, which will lead to the loss of all your data. Once you reserve some space for Linux you can update Android or Linux independently, without loosing your data again. To change the partition table of your Cosmo use the option “Change the partition table of your COSMO”, as in the picture below.”

Awful instructions and a complete guide on installing and booting Linux on your Planet Computers Cosmo Communicator smartphone jump over to the official support forums by following the link below.

Source : Planet Computers : Engadget

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