Raijintek Antila D5 EVO RBW combines liquid cooling pump and reservoir

If you are considering building a liquid cooled PC rig you may be interested in a new combination pump and reservoir unveiled by Raijintek, in the form of the Antila D5 EVO RBW.

“RAIJINTEK’S NEW ANTILA D5 EVO RBW pump (with 200mm reservoir), integrated a Unique rainbow A-RGB ( 5V Addressable) LED light cap. The highest level solution for PC enthusiasts and custom PC Modder’s to create a super RGB LED light water cooling system. ANTILA D5 EVO RBW features the maximum pressure of up to 50 PSI, and achieve a super flow discharge up to 1500L/hr & a Head-lift of 4 meter (13 feet) at maximum speed, thus it is the heart of your liquid cooling loop. “

“Outstanding performance and reliability, ANTILA D5 EVO RBW is manufactured from highest quality POM and PMMA material to provide a crystal clear, steadily, silently, high performance, durable solution. ANTILA D5 EVO RBW allows PC enthusiasts not only to construct a remarkably superior liquid cooling system but also combine externally-modular upgrades for their chassis. A sturdy Bracket also provides users a reliable, direction options and friendly installation. ANTILA D5 EVO RBW is the best showcase water cooling LED PUMP for your system!”

For full specifications and ordering options jump over to the official website by following the link below.

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