Ruijie RG-CT7800 mini PC powered by Zhaoxin KaiXian CPU

The new mini PC has been unveiled by Ruijie Networks this week in the form of the Ruijie RG-CT7800 mini PC which is equipped with a x86 processor built entirely in China. The new Zhaoxin KaiXian processor features an 8-core/8-thread x86-64 CPU clocked up to 2.70 GHz, 8 MB of last-level cache, a dual-channel DDR4-3200 integrated memory controller, a PCI-Express gen 3.0 root-complex, and an iGPU.

The KX-U6780A is on Zhaoxin’s LuJiaZui microarchitecture offering an eight-core, eight-thread processor manufactured with TSMC’s 16nm process. The octa-core chip ticks with a static frequency of 2.7 GHz clock speed and packs 8MB of L2 cache and operates within the 70W restriction.

The RG-CT7800 mini PC is a 2.4 litre mini PC and features a custom motherboard for the KaiXian KX-U6780A, since the processor is ball grid array-based, support by two SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM slots. Ruijie Networks will be marketing the RG-CT7800 with 8GB of DDR4 memory and a 256GB SSD. Unfortunately, no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet, but as soon as information comes to light, we will keep you updated as always.

Source : Toms Hardware : RN  : TPU

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