Swiss Court Rules That Liking Hateful Content Could Be A Crime

We should all be more careful about our online social media activities. In recent times, we’re starting to see the implications of what we do online affecting our offline lives. In fact, recently, over in Switzerland, the courts have ruled that it is possible that “liking” or sharing online posts that are deemed hateful or defamatory could be considered a crime. Well, that is an Orwellian turn.

This is because “activating both ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons in Facebook can improve visibility and thereby contribute to the dissemination within the social network of marked content.”

While this seems extreme, the ruling is based on a case where the defendant had liked posts that accused an animal rights activist of being anti-Semitic and also being a neo-Nazi. The courts ordered the defendant to pay a fine for helping to spread defamatory content, which is based on the Zurich court’s ruling mentioned above.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that “liking” a post could get someone in trouble. Several years back, a US court found that by “liking” a post, it was considered to be a violation of a restriction order. We live in a strange world of social media clashing with real life.

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