Thunder Pack ARM micro-controller board

 Makers, developers and hobbyists searching for a self-contained ARM micro-controller board, small enough to fit in your pocket, the Thunder Pack might be with more investigation. Thunder Pack is a small ARM micro-controller board with built-in battery and power management. The original design was created to run on a single 18650 cell, but Jeremy, Thunder Pack’s designer, now has three boards that support similar but smaller rechargeable cells for projects that don’t need quite as much power. Jeremy explains a little more about the project.

“Why? I’ve built a lot of wearable lighting projects and got tired of wiring together the same 3 parts: arduino, charging controller & battery. They always felt janky and flat lipo batteries can explode if they get damaged (especially if you’re wearing it!!!) “

“I wanted something compact, rugged and could pump out enough current for a lot of blinkenlights without any additional parts. What I’ve ended up with is this little beast with 4 onboard PWM MOSFETs, each driving up to 2.3A per channel!!! Develop your project faster with onboard LEDs attached to each PWM output — so you can play without wiring anything up. It’s breadboard friendly, has 8 additional GPIOs (12 total) and a git repo with examples in Arduino, ChibiOS, libopencm3, and STM32Cube — choose your favorite flavor.”

For more details on the Thunder Pack jump over to the official project page by following the link below. “The real downside to the smaller batteries is power. These are the maximum ratings I’ve found for cells with built-in protection”

18650 (standard)
Capacity: 3,500mAh
Max continuous discharge current: 10A

14500 (small – AA)
Capacity: 1,000mAh
Max continuous discharge current: 2A

10440 (tiny – AAA)
Capacity: 600mAh
Max continuous discharge current: 0.5A

Source : Hackaday

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