Xbox April 2020 update detailed by Microsoft

Bradley Rosetti, Program Manager at Xbox has taken to the Xbox Insider website this week to reveal more details about what you can expect to be included in the Xbox April 2020 update. “Based on your valuable feedback, we’ve been continuing to iterate on the following experiences and will be delivering them to select Insider audiences in the 2004 system update.”

“Simplified Guide Layout – With this week’s update, we’re experimenting with a streamlined user interface incorporating the following changes. With the 2004 update, we’re bringing you more ways to explore and manage your games faster! We moved the Storage Management page into My games & apps and gave it a small visual update.”

“We also brought back the popular “Surprise me!” button that we experimented with over the holidays. For the times when you’re not quite sure what to play next, “Surprise me!” will suggest a random game in your library that meets your selected filter criteria. The button is located in the upper-right corner of My Games & Apps and can also be found by pressing the Menu button on your controller while hovering over the title of a Group.”

Simplified Guide Layout cheanges :

– The new default tab order opens Guide with tabs in a left-to-right configuration, the order of which can continue to be customized from the “Profile & system” tab.
– Party, messaging, and invites have been combined in the new “Parties & chats” tab, providing one single location to communicate with other players.
– Settings, audio, and power options are now located in the “Profile & system” tab on the left side of Guide, as identified by your gamerpic.
– Looking for Group can be found in the “People” tab next to the “Find someone” option.
– App & system notifications are now grouped under the bell icon with other alerts.

Xor more details on all the new features, tweaks and improvements within the Xbox April 2020 update reference 2004 jump over to the official Xbox news website by following the link below.

Source : Xbox News

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